MYDog De-Shedding Tool

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$ 19.95 + Free S&H

Ready For A De-Shedding Trade Secret?

Admit it! You’re finding pet hair everywhere. It’s annoying, messy and could even be embarrassing at times. You want to get control, and you’ve tried, but it seems there’s always more hair.

As professional groomers for over 25 years, we sympathize. In its own way, the shedding blade is a miraculous tool. It reaches down deep, finds and lifts a high percentage of dead, loose hair along the way.

Yet,  there is one more valuable step that needs to be done to complete the task…ask any groomer and they’ll immediately tell you...

You MUST take an undercoat rake and pull up the last remaining percentage of hair that the shedding blade just couldn’t and didn't eliminate.

It’s always been a 2 step process! If you don’t remove the left-overs they will surface back to haunt you.

The MYDOG De-Shedding Tool makes this necessary second step a simple and efficient task!

The benefits are more than a clean house and vehicle. The summer heat will be less smothering to your pet. With proper de-shedding, the skin can breathe making it much healthier and less prone to skin problems.  The dead undercoat had made it prohibitive for a deep, thorough brushing. However, now you will be able to properly brush often to bring back the beautiful, healthy looking shine that’s been missing.

With so much to gain, you won’t want to hesitate about purchasing for even a moment. Order now before you forget.  Guaranteed delivery to your mailbox in 2-3 days.

(Warning: Not recommended for pets with multiple old age warts or open, raw sores.)

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